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Ya gotta practice!

Having an 'Enjoyable Walk' with your puppy doesn't 'just happen'.

It takes a little knowledge - and a lot of practice!

#1 - Set the expectation that being by your side is the BEST, MOST REWARDING place to be! Yep - treat your dog when he is by your side! Give him reason to be there!

#2 - Teach your dog how to 'move' by your side, with just 1-2 steps. Then give a treat!

#3 - Do a full 'turn' on the spot, working up to that full turn with 1/4 turns only, asking your dog to stay at your side, as you turn.

#4 - Learn to do 'This Way' turns to switch side efficiently - to put yourself between you and an ongoing stranger or dog, that might be just little too much for your dog while he learns!

Consider 'tools' that can help, like a 'Gentle Leader ® Head Halter to help for a little while!

Reach out to us - and we'll coach you to 'Enjoyable Walks'!

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