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Confidence through the collar!

Think about the times you reach for your puppy's collar? Is he in trouble, and you are moving him away from something he should put in his mouth? Or something he shouldn't chew on? Or taking him away from the fun with other dogs or people?

Imagine the 'negative association' your puppy will come to have with anyone reaching towards him or holding his collar? YIKES!

Touching, holding and leading your dog by his collar is invaluable in your  everyday life with him! You will undoubtedly have to call him to be leashed, or hold him at the vet office, or reach for his collar to lead him away from something dangerous.

A ‘Collar Grab’ also builds up trust in your movements towards your dog, and earns you the right to reach for your dog’s collar, occasionally, to take him to a time out. There are far more great things happening when you reach towards him, or touch the collar, or lead him somewhere by his collar, and even when you take the collar for the very occasional ‘time out’ , Now, your dog is not bothered by a 'collar grab' in either circumstance!

And bonus - no more nipping at your hand as you reach for your puppy!

(source: Susan Garrett, Dogs That)


PAWS Handouts - Collar Grab
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