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Updated: Mar 23

Puppies use their mouths, and those super sharp baby teeth, to explore their world!

Our job is to teach puppies where it is appropriate to put their mouth - and where it is simply not acceptable. Be sure to educate your puppy with things like hand feeding to teach hands bring good things and there is no need to bite, interactive toys, appropriate tug, short 'time outs', removing all fun when teeth touch skin, and being sure your puppy is rested!

He's teething, so have plenty of appropriate chew toys available. Freezing your chew toys can give puppy a nice cool feeling on his sensitive, sore baby teeth, too!

Intentionally teaching your puppy to accept your hands for 'body handling' also teaches puppy to that your hands are a comforting thing, not a play toy!

PLEASE: Punishing, pinching his muzzle, quick sudden movements and yelling will all serve to make puppy biting even worse. Your puppy will get more excited, and will think you're having a party with him, and the only way he can "play", is with his mouth! Or, he will come to mistrust your temperament and your hands since they sometimes deliver hurtful things.

PAWS Handouts - Stop Puppy Biting
Download PDF • 1.35MB

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