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Teach your Puppy The 'Art of Being Still'!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023


Ever notice how your dog just can't seem to relax? He's busy and curious and always awake!

If you have been in a public place, or stood still with your dog, you will notice they are often pacing, or pulling to get to an interesting smell, or barking at things going by, or generally just showing unsettled or anxious behaviors & body language.

Training 'being still' helps your dog to simply take in the environment, quietly, while he simply relaxes.

The 'art of doing nothing' or 'being still', or 'hanging out' is a behavior that has to be taught. No whining, no nudging you, no barking, no movement or pacing, no pulling, no mouthing his leash, etc.

You can start this training early with your new puppy, or use it as a coping skill with your older dog, and even with your reactive dog.

Download PDF • 582KB

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