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Dog's Do What Works!

Your dog is not being 'bad', or 'spiteful', or 'stubborn' or disagreeable'! 🤪 He is just doing what works for him! Think about how much you like to do things you love, and how you just try to avoid doing things you don't like to do?

Dogs behave the same way! Dogs repeat behaviors that get them 'reinforcement' - things they love! It could be your attention, a walk, a toy, food!

And, just like you, dogs are not likely to do things that result in getting nothing for behaving that way!

You might just be making that behavior you DON'T want, happen even more often, by rewarding your dog! And you may not even know it!

We can help you with the science of how dogs really learn - and helping ensure your dog is being rewarded for only the behaviors you want!

the behaviors you want!

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